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Fried Food Gets a Bad Rap!

Blue Crab Trading unfurls the safe frying technique to set your sails toward a healthy sea of good eats! 

“Get that fryer ready!”

Nobody likes a soggy cod fritter, French fry or calamari ring. Direct your sails to a smooth transition for a placid sea of health. Yes, enough of the analogy, but just think about it. Too much oil makes you feel nauseous and soggy makes you think, “Not fresh!” Avoid both of these mishaps or waves for a calm sea of exquisite tastes that complement the fresh seafood. Keep it lightly breaded and fried with clean oil. Truly, a smooth taste will keep the palate clean and ready for a tarter sauce dip or cocktail sauce excursion! Follow these four steps to master frying. Step #1: Keep the oil clean and use heart-friendly oil. Try either canola or olive oil that exhibits low amounts of linoleic acids which clog those pumping heart arteries. Clean, high-quality oil showcases your seafood’s taste and maintains heart health. Step #2: Monitor your fryer. Proper temperature and removing any loose food pieces will keep your cooking quality. Locate your candy/frying thermometer and watch for an exact reading. Consistency and evenly fried food tastes better. Step #3: Remove crispy food promptly and allow each tasty morsel to dry briefly on a paper towel. Excess oil detracts from the taste and adds unneeded fat to your meal. Keeping each bite healthier gives the diner the opportunity to enjoy a second helping. Step #4: Crack an iceberg lettuce and slice a tomato. Serve healthy sides with your fried food to truly create a fit meal. Recent diners raved over smokey roasted cauliflower and dill cucumber salad. Bon Appetit!  

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#2 Crab Spice- (1 lb) Bag


Our signature spice made proudly in Baltimore, MD.

Old Bay Seasoning (6 oz)


Old Bay Seasoning (16 oz)


Old bay is the perfect season for any seafood.

Soft Crab Batter Net WT 10 OZ


Made proudly in Baltimore, MD.

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#1 Seafood Spice- (6 oz) Bag
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Our signature spice made proudly in Baltimore, MD.