Big ideas for littlenecks!

Briny fresh Northern Virginia clams burst oceanic goodness to flavorful recipes.  They naturally soak in spices and tastes to offer a subtle but revealing ingredient to your cuisine.  Be bold and build your recipe around this USA favorite.

Big Idea Recipe

Working with a busy schedule and little time to create in the kitchen?  Try Clam Linguine. Hearty pasta transforms into a savory dish with buttered clams.

Get your ingredients together.

12 oz. Ancient Harvest Pasta, 2 TBS Unsalted Butter, 1 TBS Crushed Oregano, Pinch Red Pepper, 25 Blue Crab Trading’s Littlenecks, ½ Cup Pinot Grigio, Lemons, Grounded Capricorns.

Get Cooking.

Keep it simple.  Serve 3 diners with this robust Italian recipe.  Combine clams & wine in a pot and boil for 10 minutes until clams open.  Discard stubborn unopened clams.  Cook linguine and strain and rinse to wash away starch.  Fold spices and squeeze lemon juice to the Ancient Harvest.  Introduce the wine infused clams and serve to a sophisticated palate.

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(Our clams are harvested fresh from Virginia. To ensure the utmost quality, our clams are harvested in monitored waters. These are bar none the best littlenecks on the market.)

(Please Note : No littleneck clams can be ship to New York State or any New England States.)

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Depending on the time of year our littlenecks are typically from New Jersey or Virginia. Littlenecks are our smallest clam, but full of flavor.

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