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Catching and steaming Maryland Blue Crabs dates to the mid-1880’s when water-men coined the phrase “Beautiful Swimmer that is savory” to capture the crustacean’s delicately white salty-sweet meat and its olive, bluish-green unique appearance.  Since then, crabbers follow a sustainability plan to ensure repopulation and healthy proportions exist between ecosystem species.  Molting, shedding and then re-growing shells allows the blue crab to reach a possible nine-inch plus point to point size.  Both male and female crabs feast on a smorgasbord of small fish, clams, snails, eelgrass, sea lettuce and other bottom-feeder sustenance.  This diet gives the crab a succulent taste best mixed with Bay JO spice and solid sides like corn-on-the-cob, potato salad and a cold mugged beer.  Many enthusiasts enjoy the differences between Male and Female Crabs.  The Male sports a unique inverted t-shape abdomen while the female exhibits a rounded bell-shaped one and striking bright red nail polished claws.  Preference arises in the consistently flaky male crab meat compared to the female’s dense quality.  We here at Blue Crab Trading proudly present all sizes and both male and female in dozen, ½ bushel or bushel quantities.  Follow us on Facebook for blogs and recipes for the Blue Crab!

Maryland Crabs by the Dozen -(2) Mallets-(2) Knives- (2) Bibs- (1 lb) Crab Spice

Blue Crab Trading Company exclusively offers premium Blue Crabs by the dozen and carefully grades the sizes from small to extra-large.  Some... More


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Maryland Male Blue Crabs by the Half Bushel-(5) Mallets-(5) Crab Bibs-(5) Crab Knives- (1) Lb Crab Spice

Thinking about entertaining this weekend?  Serve succulent Maryland Blue Crabs in a “Half Bushel” to truly make your party the envy of the... More

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Maryland Blue Crabs by the Bushel- (10) Mallets-(10) Crab Bibs-(10) Crab Knives- (1) Lb Crab Spice

Blue Crab Trading Company catches and scales 3 Exclusive  Full Bushel sizes. Order heavy, robust crabs live or have us steam them in our cast iron... More

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