NE Oysters

“Let’s make some Oyster Rockefeller mates!”

Slurp. Shuck. Bake. Yes, live Northeastern Oysters offer choices. Combine the oceanic oyster blast with flavors that would even make Hemingway proud! How about a briny-metallic fresh explosion smothered with a sautéed cheesy spinach finish? Behold, Oyster Rockefeller.

Get your ingredients together.

3-dozen live Blue Crab Trading oysters (large).
1 handy fresh onion, diced.
½ cup butter, sliced.
9 ounces savory spinach.
1 cup Parmesan cheese, grated.
I tablespoon squeezed lemon juice.
1/8 teaspoon grounded peppercorn.
2 lbs. sea salt

Show your skills.

Shuck each oyster and keep side of shell that has a deeper cup. Then sauté onion, butter and spinach. Once onions turn a slight golden brown with “wilted” spinach, remove mix from the stove and add cheese, lemon juice and pepper and stir. Set aside. Obtain a large cookie sheet and evenly spread the sea salt over the sheet and impress the 36 shells evenly. With a spoon, scoop an oyster in each and then add the spinach mix. Bake at 450°F for 7 minutes and magically serve your seafood fans!

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