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100 ct. LIVE Northeastern Medium-Cupped Oysters, {James River, Delaware or Chesapeake Bay}


Price: $179.32

  • Wild Caught 

100 Count LIVE Eastern Oysters

If you see Oysters, Know that the Blue Crab swims nearby!      Click here for coupons.           

East coast oysters, like the blue crab boast a unique flavor compared to its West Coast “cousins.” Blue crabs rival the West Coast’s Dungeness with sweeter meat, while the opposite is true with East Coast oysters. They offer a briny taste and copper or mineral hint, compared to the West Coast’s creamy sweet taste. Oyster fans consistently choose East Coast oysters for the salinity that mixes smoothly with a lemon or lime chaser. It makes slurping oysters a seafood party “must-have!” Connoisseurs also have their descriptions such as “limey,” “copper-tasting”, and even “seaweed-like,” but everyone agrees that a fresh oyster must smell oceanic without any fish smell. True also for the blue crab. Freshness is key. After a live steaming crabs should smell buttery and robust with the spices peppery pop. Serving blue crabs and oysters together celebrates the natural Chesapeake Bay cuisine. Oysters supply, not only food for the blue crab, but also a hiding place from predators. Oyster beds also signify healthy waterways with adequate oxygen, a go-to for both species. A healthy catch always cooks into a delicious dinner choice.

Oysters from the East do offer many health benefits from their medium cup, 3” long shell. Vitamin B12 and Iron, in about 6 oysters, supplies life-enriching energy. Each ensure a healthy blood flow in the body. Vitamin B12 produces red blood cells, while iron puts it to use with circulating the healthy cells throughout the body. Nature did all the work. All you have to do is savor the oyster. Keep a few necessities in mind when slurping an oyster. Make sure the adductor is removed from the shell so the oyster can slide easily. Nothing worse than slurping and only getting the liquids. As far as liquids, take in the full oceanic flavor with the chewy textured East Coast oyster. Does it smell fresh and oceanic? Then you’re ready. Become a connoisseur and attempt to describe the taste, “slightly briny with a metallic copper hint. A wave of ocean washes the limey flavor down.” What does it all mean? Grab another oyster and find out!