Cooking tip: Seared Zesty Buttered Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi cuts with a fork. Lean in make-up with a slightly firm texture, the meat may flake apart in pieces. Tasting slightly sweet, this fish combines with a lemon butter sauce in a grand fashion.
Get your ingredients together.
3 TBSP Sweet Cream Butter (Best for Sautéing), 1 ½ TSP Freshly Squeezed Lemon, 1 Large White Garlic Clove (Finely Chopped; Powerful Flavor), ¼ TSP Old Bay (Because we love it.), ¼ TSP Freshly Grounded Peppercorns (Aromatic & Bold), 1 ½ TSP Chopped Garden Basil Leaves, 3 TBSP Goya Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Robust Flavor), 4 Sizeable Fillets from your Blue Crab Trading order.
Get Searing.
Step 1: Find your small saucepan and combine butter, lemon juice, garlic, Old Bay, pepper, and basil leaves. Simmer on low heat. Cover, but stir religiously. Step 2: Set a large skillet next to the saucepan and evenly pour the olive oil over the surface. Heat the pan at medium and place the fillets inside for a searing. Season with Old Bay and grounded pepper. Cook for 3 minutes and turn over for 3 more. Keep a keen eye out for a golden color for a firm exterior and opaque center. Step 3: Plate your catch and drizzle the butter over the fish. Nothing like a biteful of Mahi Mahi flaking off the filet with a zesty buttery pop! Bon Appetit!
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