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Swordfish Filets (1 lb.) Wild Caught in North Atlantic, flash-frozen

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  • 1 lb 
  • Wild Caught 


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Try some Swordfish!

Lines snap from massive, wild-caught swordfish boasting a mildly sweet flavor.  Known for a beak-like spear above their mouths, swordfish feast on bluefish, mackerel, octopus and other sea fish.  Their speed makes them a fierce predator, let alone that spear.  This spear or sword that gives the fish its name helps slice its meal and keeps it well fed.  Try our USA loin portions that grill into a moist, mildly sweet and meaty-textured fish.

Swordfish Facts

  • Serve as a steak, cubed kabob chunks or pieces in a tomato sauce.
  • High in protein (16 grams), omega 3s, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6.
  • Loner in the water, searching for a tropical current.