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What to do with a Blue Crab Trading Groupon….

January 12, 2019

Background on the Successful Find

Scenario #1: “Last month I scrolled through my Groupon app on my cell and gazed at a picture of colossal King Crab Legs with a mere price of $19 for $55 or $45 for $115.  The company seemed legitimate, Blue Crab Trading, so I selected the Groupon without worrying or reading any further and bought my deal.  Man, that was easy!  I can’t wait to receive my tender, juicy crab legs from Groupon!  Days ticked by and no crab legs.  Maybe I should call the number on my voucher.  I scratch my chin with confusion and think possibly the legs fell into the wrong hands!  I’m so upset. I can feel my anger fuming and need to call someone.  Wait, here’s a number, 1-800-499-2722…

Scenario #2: “Wow! The 30 Crab Package and premium Blue Crabs from American waters sounds like a feast.  I’m wondering what ‘premium’ means though.  Well, the picture looks appetizing, so I’m going for it.  Let me skim the Groupon.  As a wince to read the Groupon promotion on my mini-cell, I think I just read, Free shipping. Yes!  Free Shipping. What a deal!  Let me click on this promotion and wait for the crabs to arrive.  I shared my find with my wife and she said she can’t wait to taste the sweet-salty meat.”  [Time passes] I found that deal and ordered it three weeks ago.  What happened? I mumbled in disdain.  Let me call Groupon.  Wait, it looks like the contact number is Blue Crab Trading’s number at 1-800-499-2722…

The Call to the Super Friendly Customer Service

Scenario #1: “$19 for $55” or “$45 for $115” 

Friendly Customer Care: “Thank-you for calling Blue Crab Trading.  This is your super friendly care representative.  How may I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I never received my King Crab Legs through Groupon.”

Friendly Customer Care: “Do you have an order number?”

Customer: “No, I placed my order on Groupon’s site.”

Friendly Customer Care: “Oh, I understand.  That’s the Groupon voucher purchase.  Your next step requires you to go to Blue Crab Trading’s Home Page and to click on the orange banner named "Deal Site Vouchers:  Redeem Here,"   I’ll gladly place your selections for you.”

Customer: “Well, I clicked on the King Crabs, that’s what I want.”

Friendly Customer Care:  When you place your voucher number, starting with the letter G and including the dashes in the redemption space, a full menu of items will show up for your promotion.  If you bought the “$19 for $55,” you can add $55 worth of products, while you only paid $19.

Customer: “Oh!  That sounds amazing!  Let me take some time and make my selections.  Thanks for your help.”

Friendly Customer Care: “Keep in mind, though.  Shipping isn’t included.  Choose a day in advance and different shipping methods allowed for your selections.  You can continue to switch dates until you arrive at the best price for you.”

Customer: “Sounds good!  Thanks for your courteous explanations!”

Friendly Customer Care:   “My pleasure!”




Scenario #2: “The 30 Crab Package”

Friendly Customer Care: “Blue Crab Trading, how may I help you?”

Customer: “I redeemed my Groupon voucher on your website and chose a delivery date that showed on the shipping page as a free selection as advertised.  I just want to tell you that your Blue Crabs tasted fresh and each crab weighed with tender crab meat.”

Friendly Customer Care: “That’s great to hear!”

Customer: “Some of my friends want to research your Groupon facts.  Do you have a link to the web page?”

Friendly Customer Care: “Sure, let me send the link to your email.”

Customer: “Thank you so much!  You’ll hear from me soon for my next Blue Crab Party! By the way, I guess premium crabs means that they’re really full, right?”

Friendly Customer Care: “You got it! We appreciate your business!  Have a great day!”

Customer: “You too!”