Homemade Soups

Try our specialty soups, prepared with a careful eye on authentic recipes and fresh products! Depending on the season and fishing luck, we offer Seafood Chowder, Maryland Crab Vegetable Soup, Lobster Bisque or even Cream of Crab Soup. Depending on the season; likewise, we flash freeze the soup that keeps the product ready for your event and your leisure. The Lobster Bisque and Cream of Crab Soup requires fresh shipping without freezing, so your plans need careful timing for delivery. Our chefs ensure the crabmeat, lobster and other seafood maintains the highest quality along with any vegetables like tomatoes or onions, etc. that are diced, chopped for your soup's superb taste. Once you try our soups, they'll become a standard for your dinner engagements, either as an appetizer or main course!

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Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup- [FROZEN]

Prepare yourself for a traditional Maryland Crab Soup with shredded crabmeat, diced tomatoes, and fresh vegetable juice mix. Our chefs carefully stir... More

  • Quart (+$18.99)
Holly Ann’s Lump Cream of Crab Soup ~ Signature Recipe

Our Eastern Shore Lump Cream of Crab Soup may be the ultimate comfort food of the Chesapeake Bay region.Traditionally served at elegant dinners, its rich and... More

Manhattan Clam Chowder- [FROZEN]