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Famous Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup- [Quart Size] {Includes Freshly Picked MD Blue Crab Jumbo, Lump & Claw Meat} flash-frozen


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Maryland Crab Soup

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Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup

What’s so Special about Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup?

Tradition. Dating back to the Native Americans and their love for the blue crab, a stew with crabs and shellfish became a favorite for those chilly nights. The soup’s early days developed as a hodgepodge of ripe garden favorites like tomatoes, corn, and lima beans. A fresh catch would also accompany the simmering stew like a sea bass or rock fish. The guidelines weren’t stringent until the Europeans defined the soup as a bouillabaisse, a fish stew. With “crab” in the title, the birth of Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup found favor up and down the Chesapeake Bay community. Bay spices and seasonal MidAtlantic garden favorites defined the hearty taste.

Tastes flow from freshly picked lump crab meat and the buttery, oceanic pristine chunks. Some chefs add claw meat for the robust crab flavor and fibrous texture. Earthy flavors from peeled tomatoes, diced celery, carrots, and onion give the soup a down-home old-fashioned heartiness. A soup approved by Grandma! Corn, peas and lima beans takes the taste over the finish line, but before you celebrate, dice a Yukon potato to balance the bitter and sweet. Old Bay and dry mustard with a dash of black pepper and sea salt will seal the deal. The peppery pop from the bay spices makes this soup a Chesapeake Bay treasure!