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Load up the cooler for a trip to your crab feasting sanctuary in the backyard. Yes, Blue Crab Trading makes the road trip easy with a freshly caught dozen, half bushel, or bushel shipped directly to that cedar, red-painted picnic table, situated under your 100-year-old maple trees, steps away from your back door. Sound exact? We pride ourselves in delivering to your secret spot!  Join the craze with our “Power-Packed” Jumbos with our Signature Crab Dipping Sauce. No need to bait a trap with chicken necks or menhaden. Our largest catch, 6”-7”, with about 30 crabs in a half bushel will fill your backyard with the smells of the bay. Light the tiki torches and also fill the air with minty, eucalyptus fragrances. Make it a “good smells” smorgasbord! Creamy crab bisque’s salty-sweetness will signal to your crew that it’s time for another brew and a cup of Eastern Shore Cream of Crab Bisque. From the Canadian Maritimes to the rocky Argentinian shoreline, no place serves up a truly “All Blue Crab Meal” as your “Home-Sweet-Home” playground. Make the dinner bell loud and clear with the fun of a crab ball appetizer plate. Pass around the golden-brown, robust and rich authentic Maryland Blue Crab 1 oz. Mini-Cakes, a perfect dish filled with family good times!

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Campsite Favorite ~ (1) Half Bushel Jimmy & Sook MIX, 5.5"-6.5" [Steamed and Spiced Hard-Shell Male & Female Blue Crabs] about 3.5 dozen *FRESH, Ready to Heat & Eat with (1) 8 oz. jar Spicy Crab Dipping Sauce

CODE: 072924

$219.50   $189.50

Blue Crabs give cheer all year! Motoring through the Chesapeake Bay tidal water region, and other USA estuaries, our... More

  • Wild Caught 
Summer FREEBIE ~ Buy (1) Dozen X-Large Jumbo Steamed Blue Crabs, 6.5"-7" with (1) 8 oz. jar Homemade Remoulade Sauce & Get (1) lb. Jumbo Gulf White Shrimp {shell-on, head off} 16-20/lb. *FREE*

CODE: 072524

$199.90   $169.90

What makes Blue Crabs Sweet? Many theories get passed around the dock about what makes the blue crab meat sweet. Some say the crabs... More

  • Wild Caught 
Tangier Island Premium Jumbo Male Dozen & Sauce Feast [Steamed & Spiced MD Hard-Shell Blue Crabs, 6”-7”] with (1) 8 oz. jar Spicy Crab Dipping Sauce {homemade} & (1) 3 ft x 8 ft Section Crab Paper

CODE: 072224

$138.00   $119.00

Are crabs running out? Blue Crab catches ebb and flow like the tide. Sometimes it’s the outside bay world that influences the ability... More

  • Wild Caught