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*Firecracker* Jumbo Feast ~ (6) XL Jumbo Male & (6) XL Jumbo Female Hard-Shell USA Steamed & Spiced Blue Crabs, 6.5"-7" ~ Hand-Selected Fatties ~ A sure winner!

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  • Wild Caught 

Huge Crab Mix

3 Dozen Small Special

Tangier Island

Follow the Ebb & Flow of the Tide and You’ll Find a Treasure of Blues!

Where do you get your crabs? Marylanders laugh at such an absurd question. The Chesapeake Bay, of course! The true crab connoisseur can pinpoint the Wyre River as the ideal spot, however. With the shallow river and the large mouth leading into the bay, crabs find the perfect brackish waters ideal for foraging snails, oysters, clams, eel grass, insects and even small fish in this tidal river. Coves and back streams also provide hiding spots from the crab’s predators such as turtles and red drum fish. On any given day, you can find families nestled up on the docks with chicken necks, trying to catch one crab at a time, while more sophisticated natives bait a trotline for a more robust catch.

All this Wyre River talk stirs up some controversy from crab lovers from Florida. They claim their geography offers some coves and inlets that also give their crabs the perfect mix of salt vs. fresh water for a salty-sweet crab from the sunshine state. Who has the BEST crabs then? Probably the strongest answer resides in your pride. If you stand for everything Chesapeake Bay, then you’ll cheer on the Maryland Blue. If you never experienced the bay culture and live in Florida, then you’d support the Florida seafood community. One thing remains true, however, once you feast on a Maryland Blue Crab and experienced the Chesapeake Bay craze you’ll never look at another crab from other waters again!