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1-Dozen LIVE Medium-Cupped Oysters, {Harvested from the James River, Delaware or Chesapeake Bay}

CODE: 052024

Price: $25.99

  • Wild Caught 

Northeastern Oysters

When you slurp an Oyster, What do you get?

The getting’s good when you know when and where to harvest the best oysters. In today’s demanding market, however most oysters are farm raised, but let’s just picture an outing with the family in quest of some bivalve mollusks, to use an academic way of talking about the oyster. The Chesapeake Bay, tributaries and similar bays like the Delaware Bay produce ideal oysters with a combination of cold and warm water conditions. The warmer weather develops the saltiness, and the colder, the metallic hint.

Many enthusiasts claim Northeastern Oysters taste briny, copper-like, seaweed similar, or a slight earthy vegetable undertone. All present a chewy savory texture, best enjoyed when slurped. If your adventure takes you to one of these locations, search around the piers, large rocks, and old shells, there you’ll find a good supply of oysters. Lastly, before you shuck a shell and slurp, follow a 4,000 year old tradition of keeping to the ‘r’ months when savoring an oyster, namely September through April. Now get to it. Get slurping!