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Appetizer Pack ~ (5 lbs.) USA Blue Crab Claws

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Blue Crab Claws

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Crack a claw for the robust darker meat!

Blue Crabs boast three types of meat, the jumbo (pristine & white and perfect for imperial), lump (also pristine, but smaller pieces perfect for crab cakes), and claw ( a bit stringy with a stronger “crab flavor” that headlines any Maryland Crab Soup.  Try our Maryland Blue Crab Claws by the pound for an easy cracking and butter dipping for a quick taste of the Bay.  Many crab feasters choose our claws to sample the mix of all the crab sizes chosen for the claw orders.

Loads of crab facts!

  • Build a healthy diet with blue crabs.  A 2-3-ounce portion of meat contains large amounts of Vitamin B12.
  • Crabs can walk in all directions, but mostly sidewise.  So, don’t be surprised to chase the crab all over the dock!
  • The claws contain high amounts of omega-3s.  Strengthen your immune system with a mound of crab claws!
  • 8-15 claws per pound.