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Crab Cake Perfect for a Bun

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New Year's Eve Crabs

Let’s hear it for a Crabiliscious 2023!

Frigid winds hitting Blue Crab Trading’s wooden docks, coupled with piercing currents, rushing around the dock’s pilings means the blue crab has played the part of the “snowbird” and swam to safer waters. Their vacation spot lays deep within the bay’s bottom muddy floor. They back-up their hind swimming legs and hide in the soot, waiting for spring. Still other crabs pack their shells and head to the bay’s mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. Female Sooks traditionally swim further out into the ocean, but both need to find brackish water, less than 30% salt.

Our boats also search out waters with active crabs for your New Year’s Feast. With the regal of a perfect feast to usher in the new year, chefs search for crab dinner packages like the Double Dozen Large {6”-6.5”} and Maryland 4 oz. Crab Cakes, a robust and delicious spread. Start 2023 by sharing a meal that keeps to the Chesapeake Bay Tradition. Other connoisseurs enjoy pairing a bay half bushel with a hefty bag of Littleneck Clams. Steamed in garlic butter sauce and served with toasted crostini, these clams serve as a captivating opening act for crabs. Make it a “Crabiliscious” start to the New Year, truly a good luck dinner, especially with FREE Shipping!


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Stock up and SAVE! 2 lbs. FRESH True Blue Crab Lump Meat {Just in time for your delicious recipes!}

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$110.00   $90.00

Get your daily Fresh Catch! Like much of the ocean’s bounty, fresh-off-the-boat crabmeat is best—sweet and tender with a touch of... More

  • Product will arrive fresh if ordered overnight. 2-5 Day product will arrive frozen.  
  • Our crab meat comes from several picking house depending on the time of the year. They are located in North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Alabama.  
Perfect Appetizer ~ (20) 1 oz. Domestic Lump Crab Balls- (HANDMADE WITH 100% USA CRAB MEAT)- (FROZEN)

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$59.99   $49.99

What’s the best way to cook crab cakes? Our chefs pack the “crabbiest” cakes available online. With 75% lump USA blue crab... More

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Soft Shell Mediums {Approx. 3.5" to 4"} USA Caught Blue Crabs ~ Cleaned, Dressed & Flash Frozen ~ A Bay Delicacy!

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Cool Breeze Premium Catch ~(4 lbs.) North Atlantic Sea Scallops {10-20 ct.} [100% USA]

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$172.99   $125.99

Why should you select Blue Crab Trading’s North Atlantic Scallops? We keep our freshly harvested scallops dry, never processed, jumbo and... More

Recipe Creator ~ (2 lbs.) Lobster Claw and Knuckle Meat [FROZEN] [CK]

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$159.99   $129.99

Connecticut Lobster Rolls Drip with Juicy Clarified Butter! The Craze ~ Chefs map out Maine Lobsters for all kinds of cuisine... More

Take the Taste Test ~ Red King Crab Legs -[FROZEN]

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In the East Coast, wearing a Blue Shell, Super Crab Battles a Far West Coast Giant, the King Crab! These two giants receive... More

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Jumbos: Measure (5 to 5 1/2 inches) - (Please note, Soft Crabs are measured prior the cleaning and dressing process, which may cause crabs to shrink.) 100% Product of USA

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Click here for special deals. Is Jumbo Crab Meat a healthy choice? Recent culinary trends have taken recipes to a more fish based... More

*Crab Cake Deal* (24) 4 oz. Domestic Lump Crab Cakes- {Handmade with 100% Blue Crab Meat}

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$325.00   $259.99

Click here for special catches! Keep the crab cakes low in fat with broiling! Crab cakes, boasting huge jumbo lump chunks deserve... More

Impressive Catch ~ (2) 10-12 oz. Warm Water Caribbean Lobster Tails- {Frozen}

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$89.93   $69.99

Click here for coupons. Make Cooking a Colossal Easy! These tails need no instruction! A Colossal Caribbean Lobster Tail may... More