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Stock-up and SAVE! (1 lb.) FRESH True Blue Crab Lump Meat & (1 lb.) FRESH Blue Crab Jumbo Meat {Just in time for your delicious recipes!}


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Crab Meat

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Crab Meat

What makes Blue Crab Meat So Sweet?

Freshly packed blue crab meat gives the chef and home cook a versatile delicacy, compared to chicken breasts, white shrimp, and ground beef. The meat is fully cooked and then packed securely for a kitchen delivery. In essence, a hungry seafood fan can take a fork and dig into the succulent morsels the moment he pops the lid. Four distinct meat pieces pull and pick from the shells and crab cavities. The prized jumbo dislodges from the pair of back-swimming legs. Since these chunks consist of the strong paddle muscle, each crab grows two jumbo pieces. Lump meat pulls from the two crab cavities after cracking the crustacean in half. Next to the jumbo meat, some of the pieces rival the paddle muscle chunks in size, but both boldly taste clean and salty sweet with a hint of a buttery flavor. Backfin consists of the smallest lump shreds, found in small crevices among the shell. Milder in flavor, backfin fits a soup recipe, while lump builds a crab cake, and jumbo adorns an imperial. Lastly, claw meat shows a darker, fibrous meat with a robust, nutty taste, perfect for gumbos. Each of the four has a sweetness.

What makes blue crab meat so sweet? The answer sounds a bit scientific. Glycine, an amino acid found in blue crab meat gives off a sweetness when cooked, especially when the meat is caramelized or “golden-browned.” Not only does the amino acid embellish the taste, but it can also improve one’s sleepreduce the risk of diabetes, and maintain strong muscles. This essential amino acid can only come from a balanced diet, so pile the crabs high and start picking for some sweet body benefits!