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[LIVE] 1/2 Bushel Female USA Hard Shell Blue Crabs (Random Mix of SM, MED, LG, XL 5-7 Inches) (Approx 2.5 to 4 Dozen)


Price: $179.00

  • Wild Caught 
  • Package Surcharge for Live Crabs (+$10.00)
  • *Important Note ~ LIVE Crab perished, or dead loss is only covered if your order is delivered 24-hours after the scheduled delivery date. 

Female Blue Crabs

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Female Blue Crabs

Tangier Island

Why do some crab feasters prefer Female Crabs?

Our crew pull and call massive bushels filled with sook or mature female crabs daily.  Yes, we follow sustainability standards and only catch the legal amount for those crab eaters who prefer the sooks.  They taste very similar to the male or jimmy counterpart, but have a few distinct differences.  One, they have red tips on their claws rather than the signature blue for the male.  On their belly, the apron or center exterior shell is in the shape of a bell.  Quite different, the males sport an elongated apron.  These differences help separate the male vs. female.  Most chefs use female crab in crab cakes and dipsso you know the delicious taste.  Females weigh less, so we bushel 5”-7” sized females to ensure an order filled with jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Probably the most noteworthy difference is the roe or caviar-like eggs that accompany some female crabs. Take a look at the second picture and you'll see an orange-like sac. That's filled with millions of eggs. Many enthusiasts enjoy eating them as a delicacy.