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Primes: Measures ( 4 1/2 to 5 inches) - (NOTE Soft Crabs are measured prior the cleaning and dressing process, this may cause crabs to shrink.) 100% Product Of USA

Everything Crab.  Just sitting on the dock of the Bay!

  • Blue Crab Trading unfurls a massive online seafood market with the best crab tastes.  Guaranteed freshly caught and filled with succulent crab meat.  Just picture the best and that’s what you get with your quick online delivery service! 
  • On display today, you’ll smell a freshly steamed Half Bushel of Jimmy Crabs from 5.5”-6” point-to-point.  JO Spice (a crab house favorite) mixed with the salty-sweet crab meat fills the air with a sweet aroma! 
  • Plate the perfect dish with a dozen or two from our pristine looking soft-shell crabs.  Cleaned and lined up ready for a sautéing and beer-battering this delicacy gets your diners wanting more!
  • Feel the weight of our Female Crab Bushel filled with the extra sweet ladies.  A 5”-7” size mix point-to-point loads the plate with some hefty, tender meat options.
  • Lastly, hear the cheers from the onlookers as they marvel at the pristine white, huge jumbo crab chunks.  USA meat, ready for any recipe is something to talk about!  Did someone say Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Soup?  Come visit us at our dock!

Turn-up the flames for the crab lover in you!

Tonight’s menu presents cleaned & dressed Soft-Shell Crabs in a Beer-Battered Sauté Recipe.

It takes a true crab lover to dine on the entire crab as an entrée or sandwich!  Diners rave over the beer battered salty-sweet taste of the soft-shells in the Garlic Beer-Battered Soft-Shell Special. Follow these easy steps to prepare your own dish. 1) Whisk two organic eggs with whole milk and set aside. Prepare the garlic-vegetable mix: Dice four plum tomatoes & a sweet onion.  Chop three garlic cloves and parsley.  Combine all seasonings/vegetables together and set aside. 2) Dip soft-shells in the egg/milk mixture and then coat with Soft Crab Batter from J.O., a Baltimore MD brand.  Repeat the dipping and coating for a thicker breading.  3) Carefully place the crabs in a hot skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Add the seasonings/vegetable mix. Sauté for 3 minutes per side creating a golden-brown crust. Carefully sauté vegetable/seasoning mix and set on top of the crabs. This combined cooking adds flavor to the soft-shells. 4) Pour your favorite beer on each crab to give the crabs a hoppy flavor that complements the succulent taste.  Cook for another 3 minutes per side. 5) Plate and savor this unique dish for the true crab lover!

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*All soft crabs ship dressed, frozen and non breaded. The breaded soft crab in images is an example of a style to prepare them.