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Chesapeake Crab Dinner Choice ~ Dozen Jumbo Steamed Hard Shell Maryland Blue Crabs, 6”-7” (FRESH) & 1-pound tub True Blue Crab Jumbo Meat (FROZEN)

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Settle into a SUPER Seafood Fall!

Calm autumn mornings attract the healthiest blue crabs. They swim up to trotlines and pots, just laying wait for some jumbos.  Our crew mark the calendar from June to September as “show time” for some meaty catches. Of course, we chart the crab trends and tides to follow the crabs so we can catch bushels every day! The bay, coastal sounds, tidal rivers, salt ponds and estuaries are perfect spots to crab.  Bursting pots and lines splash onto our wooden crab boats with a larger and heavier catch as the summer rolls on.  We grade them from point-to-point on the top shell and find them measuring 6”-7”.  Yes, we attract them with the tempting chicken necks, squid and chunks of eel. The healthy crabs find this bait and we hoist them out of the water for the freshest blue crab catch!

No guessing games here!  On our boats we size the crabs for some meaty differences. 

Supers: 7+ inches {Our prized catch!  Supers serve as an entrée. HUGE pieces of jumbo, lump, and claw pick from this size!}

X-Large:  6 ½ -7 inches {An equally impressive catch! X-Large may measure a bit less than a SUPER, but the size is nothing to sneeze at!}

Large:  6-6 ½ inches {A JUMBO Worthy selection!  Many crab feasters choose the large as a “go-to” for a family-friendly size. Get the mallets swinging to crack these claws.}

Mediums:  5 ½ -6 inches {All our crabs weigh heavy!  Yes, mediums measure less, but they go well with some sides as corn-on-the-cob or cucumber salad.

Small:  5-5 ½ inches {Behold, the bay crab!  A loyal crowd enjoys feasting on the small crabs. A quick pick, you’ll sail through a dozen and feel satisfied.}

Yes, you may want to reheat them.

Roll out the crab paper and adorn it with a pile of steamed & spiced Blue Crabs. We did all the work for you. Follow these steps to quickly reheat your crabs. Option 1: Find your trusty large stock pot and place a basket within it with enough water to reach the basket, but not submerging it. Bring water to a boil and place crabs with more spice (if you choose) in the basket. Allow to steam for 5 minutes. Option 2: Place crabs in the oven (upside down to keep moisture in the crab meat) for 10 minutes at 375°F. Once ready, pile the crabs high in the table’s center and celebrate winter in style!

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