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Combo 5 ~ Crabs & Cakes ~ Jimmy •Half Bushel• Steamed USA Blue Crabs {5.5”-6.5”} [c. 3 dozen] & 2 (5 oz.) Pub Style Maryland Crab Cakes {Flash-Frozen}

CODE: 051624

Price: $259.00

  • Wild Caught 

Jimmy Half Bushels

Crab Cakes

Keep the crab cakes low in fat with broiling!

Crab cakes, boasting huge jumbo lump chunks deserve an appreciative eye, someone who can’t believe the impressive meat. Countless carry-outs serve a small “saucer” size, so when a “grand” cake presents itself, it’s truly a treat. Cooking a fresh or even flash frozen cake requires two understandings. One, the cake naturally becomes sweeter when cooked since the proteins in the meat boast a sweetness when “golden browned.” Two, crab meat naturally has a low fat count, so avoid oils that will not only detract from the crab’s headlining taste, but also add unnecessary fat. With this said, broiling presents itself as the best option. Follow this sequence to arrive at the perfect cake. Lightly grease a baking sheet with a nonfat cooking oil. A spray will ensure the cakes don’t get saturated. Strategically lineup the cakes on the tray and place 1/3 tbsp. of unsalted butter on each cake. Broil on low for 12-15 minutes, until golden brown. If you prefer a peppery pop, you may even opt to lightly dust each cake with Old Bay. If you’re a health fanatic, broiling will fit your fitness goals!