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Winning Play ~[STEAMED] Bushel USA Male Jimmy Hard Shell Blue Crabs - (Medium/Large Mix 5.5-6.5 inches)- Approx. 6-dozen

CODE: 061324

Price: $395.00

  • Wild Caught 

Beautiful Jimmy Bushel

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Why is a Jimmy Bushel a Family Favorite?

Crab fans who visit our dock anxiously ask if we caught any #1 crabsJimmies wear that title for the heavier weight, as compared to bay crabs, and for their impressive size. Not as large as jumbos, jimmies do grade as the most frequent catch. A bushel fills with about 6 dozen crabs, sized with a grading stick in the crab cooler. When the cooler crew rips open a box of jimmies, the crabs instantly start snapping at the air. A bit more energetic than the jumbos, but not as wily as the bays, jimmies represent a crab filled with all three types of meat in generous portions: claw, lump, and jumbo. Families love this #1 crab for its ideal mix of medium {5.5”-6”} and large crabs {6”-6.5”}. Young ones find the mediums perfect for cracking, while the adults grab for the large. Their #1 status comes from their salty-sweet, oceanic taste, and the amount of meat in each crab.

Taste is at the tip of your tongue when setting out the trimmings. Crab house spices boast a peppery pop and jazz up the robust crab. Set out a few favorites to settle your munchies. Crispy fries with Old Bay soothe the soul, as a farm house salad stands at attention with a sweet poppy seed dressing. Follow the harvest garden to a row of butternut squash. Sautéing and buttering ripens that yellow squash to a tender sweet complement. Whisk up a brown sugar glaze for a sweetness beyond compare. While you’re at it, compare the crab meat. Each morsel cracks open differences.  Claws boast a fibrous dark meat with a bit of nuttiness, while the two crab halves exhibit flaky lump, clean and pristine with a salty, sweet oceanic taste. Jumbo impresses each crab fan with “scallop-like” plumpness, but with a clean crab taste and a smooth buttery hint. To think, all this deliciousness started by loading the picnic table with a mound of blue crabs. Time to get started!