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*SALE* [STEAMED] (1) Dozen Super Female Hard Shell Blue Crabs (7+ inches) - (2) Mallets

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Female Blue Crabs

Small Crabs

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Did somebody say SUPERS? Yes, we caught HUGE Blue Crabs 7" plus!  

Each day we can’t help celebrating another hefty catch. Fire up the steamers. Douse a dozen or bushel blues with bay spices & smell that unbelievable aroma!  Fat Crab Season fun is on its way and you can experience it today!  

Just how good do Maryland Blue Crabs get?

Crab enthusiasts know the answer!  Loading the picnic table with hefty blues, these crab lovers crack-n-pick to a seafood euphoria!  Blue Crab take me away!   The best crabs measure in with 6”, 7” and beyond.  These crabs spent major time feasting on the bay’s sustenance.  Oysters, clams, snails, fish and even eelgrass plump up these meaty monsters.  In fact, sometimes we get a behemoth crab measuring off the scale into 8”-9”.  These crabs are a real treat!  Bursting with mounds of pristine jumbo meat, along with the lump and claw, they taste salty-sweet with a peppery pop from a professional spicing.  Our crab houses use JO Spice #2, a traditional crab house favorite!  We know you love Chesapeake Bay seafood and we join other boats to fish 500 million pounds from the Bay each year.  What separates all these pounds from others?  A Super Crab!  An X-Large Crab. A JUMBO CRAB!!  An average crab weighs 1/3 pounds and boasts 2 ¼ ounces meat.  Just imagine a JUMBO or super!  We’re talking ½ to ¾ pound in weight and about 3 ¼ oz. crab meat.  We celebrate ultimate catches with you.  In fact, a crabber, a few years back, on the Virginia side of the Chesapeake caught a 1.1 pounder with a 10.72” width.  We just never know what we’ll pull from our crab pots!  But let me tell you, Crab Season 2023 looks to be one for the history books!