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[STEAMED] 1/2 Bushel Female USA Hard Shell Blue Crabs (Random Mix of SM, MED, LG, XL 5-7 inches) (Approx. 3 to 4 dozen)

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  • Wild Caught 

Female Blue Crabs

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Female Blue Crab

Many Crab Fans Prefer Female Blue Crabs. Crack Open the Reasons!

Female blue crabs or “sooks” wear an armored shell quite different from the male or “jimmy” counterpart. The point-to-point measuring on the top shell spans less or isn’t as wide to the male’s size. Meat in the two main crab chambers has less space to grow, so it develops a denser quality. Did you know most chefs use female crabs for crab cakes for this reason? They hold together better. The yellow pieces in fresh crab meat signals roe or crab eggs, picked along with some of the chunks. So, you know the taste of the female if you love a crispy golden-brown crab cake. They use the female crab for culinary recipes since the male’s size gets more attention for a crab feast.

The biggest difference in the shell is the red-tipped claws. Crabbers can easily separate females from the blue clawed males. Once again, the claw shells run smaller. The claw meat also grows denser, which is more resilient for a Maryland Crab Soup recipe. Crabbers also point to the apron or tab-looking shell piece on the “belly portion” of the crab. Females sport a bell-shaped apron, while the males have a “Washington Monument” appearance. If the female’s apron looks a bit triangular, then it’s a younger female.

Pick for fun or for recipes, female crabs give you choices. The reason for the sweeter meat may rest on one simple fact. At maturity, females stop growing while the males keep busting shells. The Sooks remain in their shell growing denser meat, and a less chance for any salt water to seep into the cavities. Some believe this causes a sweeter taste. Give female crabs a chance and add your own reason why you love female crabs!