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(12) Clawless Wonders ~ Soft Shell Jumbos {Approx. 5" to 5.5"} USA Caught Blue Crabs ~ Cleaned, Dressed & Flash Frozen ~ Crabs without the shells.

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Clawless Wonders

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Home of Blue Crabs

Is Jumbo Crab Meat a healthy choice?

Recent culinary trends have taken recipes to a more fish based diet, away from high levels of saturated fats and sugars. Vegans triumph eggplant patties or black bean burgers, but Pescatarians look towards the sea for protein rich additions to their greens. Blue Crabs fit the bill and then some. High in protein and essential vitamins, they offer a low mercury choice even better than salmon. Pristine and clean, jumbo meat boasts huge chunks from two large crab muscles paddling the back swimming legs through the waters.

The Blue Crab constantly swims around looking for nourishment and enjoying the lively rushing currents. Their energetic lifestyle develops a meat high in protein, about 17 grams per a 3 oz. serving. Crab dishes definitely benefit from this feature. A traditional crab cake normally includes about 4-5 ounces of crab meat, so that golden brown delicacy boasts over 20 grams of protein. Delicious and power-packed! Two other nutrients receive praise from dieticians: chromium and selenium. Chromium helps metabolize sugars in the body, helping a fit body trim up. Selenium means business by fighting cancer cells in the body. These two amazing nutrients will take your delicious feast to a Pescatarian healthy choice!