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*LAST DAY* Patuxent Crabs & Soup Dinner ~ Dozen XL Steamed Jumbos {6.5"-7"} FRESH & Quart Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup {Freshly Picked Crab Meat} FROZEN

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  • Wild Caught 

Crabs and Soup


Dive into Delicious Blue Crabs!

Pools of hot butter, jumbo lump pulled from back-swimming legs, and your crab eating fans holding their breath hoping you loaded up on the BEST Jimmy Crabs means only one thing. A Summer Pool-side Blue Crab Feast!  Select a dozen, half bushel or bushel size from Blue Crab Trading and you’ll splash into major cannon ball savings!

Our Jimmies burst with meat!

Catching a healthy crab requires skills! Our crabbers bait pots with squid, fish meat and chicken necks. Crabs smell that goodness and swim or walk sideways to their "smorgasbord." Of course, knowing where to catch these #1 Jimmies require a keen study of tides, currents, and crab activity.  What does #1 Jimmy mean?  This catch contains crabs with a darker top shell and a rusty bottom, signaling a meat-filled crab, boasting jumbo, lump, and claw meat.  We can thank the Native Americans, located on the Delmarva Peninsula during colonial times, who showed our ancestors the joy of “the catch.”  Finally, the bluish claws and monument looking apron on the underbelly signal a male crab, a jimmy.  Blue Crab Trading sizes the Jimmy to the Chesapeake Bay Traditional Crab Scale. (Small 5”-5.5”), (Medium 5.5”-6”), (Large 6”-6.5”), (X-Large 6.5”-7”), and (Supers 7” plus).


Heavy Live Beastly Crabs

Super: 7” + [Crab fans cheer over this HUGE miracle of Nature.  Loads of jumbo meat pull from the back-swimming legs.  Mounds of lump and claw meat burst from this behemoth crab!]

X-Large: 6 ½”-7” [Even though the X-Large measures a bit less, you’ll still find loads of crab meat.  Many crab fans attest that the X-Large truly satisfies!]

Large: 6”- 6 ½” [Large crabs fit the #1 category and don’t disappoint. With rusty bellies, these crabs grew to heavy weights.]

Medium: 5 ½”-6” [Medium crabs may serve as an appetizer or a fun-sized crab that gives you the opportunity “to grab another.”  It’s amazing how this category can include some meaty monsters!]

Small: 5”- 5 ½” [All our crabs have loads of meat and are freshly caught, so the small are nothing to sneeze at!  Try a dozen or two and enjoy the taste of the Bay!]


Yes, you may want to reheat them.

Roll out the crab paper and adorn it with a pile of steamed & spiced Blue Crabs. We did all the work for you. Follow these steps to quickly reheat your crabs. Option 1: Find your trusty large stock pot and place a basket within it with enough water to reach the basket, but not submerging it. Bring water to a boil and place crabs with more spice (if you choose) in the basket. Allow to steam for 5 minutes. Option 2: Place crabs in the oven (upside down to keep moisture in the crab meat) for 10 minutes at 375°F. Once ready, pile the crabs high in the table’s center and celebrate life with a taste from the Chesapeake Bay!