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Love Point Dozen Jumbo Female Sooks {6"-7"} Steamed & Spiced USA Blue Crabs & 1 pint Virginia Shucked Oysters {Flash-Frozen} Cool Breeze!

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Price: $119.00

  • Wild Caught 

Love point Female Crabs and Oysters

Fresh Oysters

How do you shuck an oyster?

When oysters clamp down their shells stubbornly, it means they boast a healthy catch. If you find they aren’t completely closed, then their expiration date has passed. Prized as one of the only species eaten live, oysters taste briny with a metallic, cucumber after hint. Some slurp the delicacy, while others shuck them for a recipe, such as oyster stuffing. Take a look at some easy steps to shuck an oysters.

  • Completely wash the oyster of all soot. Then fill a large bowl with ice and then position a smaller bowl within it. The small bowl will become icy cold, perfect for shucked oysters and their oceanic juices.
  • Set the oyster belly-side (curved) down on a towel and if right handed position the hinge to the right, or switch if you’re left-handed. Cover the oyster, except the hinge with a towel so you avoid cutting yourself.
  • Place a knife in the hinge and work it into the crevice and move up and down, and then twist and rotate until the oyster muscle gives way. Then, take the knife and carefully sever the oyster from the top flat shell and pry the shell open and snap it off. Finally, sever the oyster muscle from the belly shell and deposit your winnings in the small bowl with the juices.
  • Make sure you enjoy smelling the oceanic breeze coming off the oyster. If it sells fishing, discard before you deposit into the small bowl. Grab another oyster and repeat!