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Ultimate Crab Gift ~ Dozen Jumbo Steamed Blue Crabs {6"-7"} (fresh) & 1 lb. Medium King Crab Legs {approximately 2 legs} [flash frozen]

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Price: $189.00

  • Wild Caught 

Crabs and King

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Canadian Waterways

Are crabs running out?
Blue Crab catches ebb and flow like the tide. Sometimes it’s the outside bay world that influences the ability to get a fresh bushel at a reasonable price for your feast. The first warning sign that “things are going south” is a disappearance of crab cakes from the menu, or overly high prices. Picking houses run second to the crab houses. Throwing a feast, especially during the summer takes preeminence to the cake. Overly beautiful weather and a robust economy can increase the demand for the salty sweet delicacy. Prices rise and so do the cries from the loyal blue crab fans.
Seasonal workers and even a migrant team pinpoint the second reason crabs may become “scarce.” In this case, the supply is just right, but the workers aren’t enough. These workers fill in the employment gaps and give you a high-quality product with a reasonable price. Problems with other country relationships or even USA economic woes can unhinge a potentially good season.


No guessing games here!  On our boats we size the crabs for some meaty differences. 

Supers: 7+ inches {Our prized catch!  Supers serve as an entrée. HUGE pieces of jumbo, lump, and claw pick from this size!}

X-Large:  6 ½ -7 inches {An equally impressive catch! X-Large may measure a bit less than a SUPER, but the size is nothing to sneeze at!}

Large:  6-6 ½ inches {A JUMBO Worthy selection!  Many crab feasters choose the large as a “go-to” for a family-friendly size. Get the mallets swinging to crack these claws.}

Mediums:  5 ½ -6 inches {All our crabs weigh heavy!  Yes, mediums measure less, but they go well with some sides as corn-on-the-cob or cucumber salad.

Small:  5-5 ½ inches {Behold, the bay crab!  A loyal crowd enjoys feasting on the small crabs. A quick pick, you’ll sail through a dozen and feel satisfied.}

Yes, you may want to reheat them.

Roll out the crab paper and adorn it with a pile of steamed & spiced Blue Crabs. We did all the work for you. Follow these steps to quickly reheat your crabs. Option 1: Find your trusty large stock pot and place a basket within it with enough water to reach the basket, but not submerging it. Bring water to a boil and place crabs with more spice (if you choose) in the basket. Allow to steam for 5 minutes. Option 2: Place crabs in the oven (upside down to keep moisture in the crab meat) for 10 minutes at 375°F. Once ready, pile the crabs high in the table’s center and celebrate winter in style!