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*JUMBO* Peeled & Deveined USA Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp- (Shell on/Head off) [16-20 ct.] FROZEN

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Peeled and Deveined Shrimp

Shrimp Boats

Keep your Gulf White Shrimp Super Tender!

When cooking seafood, more than 90% of home chefs concern themselves with undercooked food that will undoubtedly lead to serious health discomforts. Their concerns are quite legitimate. So, in turn, they increase the flames and sear the food into oblivion. Either overly crispy or a golden brown that wears more of a brown, this seafood has lost its tenderness. What a shame! Fishermen, crabbers, and dare devils in frigid waters brought an amazing catch to the kitchen, it's your goal to show respect for the food. Treating it as a delicacy means the hints of flavors and unique textures will arrive to the plate. In most cases, the chefs concur, keeping the preparation and cooking simple and exact will serve up the best dish.

Shrimp that is peeled and deveined or with shell-on can maintain the exquisite texture and taste from brining. The shell-on shrimp naturally has an advantage since the shells keep the moisture in the flesh and help marinate the meat as it cooks. Both receive a profound benefit from a brining bath that helps enhance the juices in the cooked meat. Creating this mixture is easy. Mix ¼ cup sea salt with ¼ cup granulated sugar. Then, add one cup of boiling water, and two cups crushed ice. An inquisitive cook may ask, “Why use sea salt?” The answer rests on the copious minerals and colors that sea salt gives the food. Of course, minerals do a body good, and the evaporated ocean water gives this benefit.

For shell-on shrimp, the most popular catch from our shrimp trollies, allow them to set in the bath for 40-60 minutes. Then, scoop the shrimp from the mixture and place in a colander and run chilly water. Hot water will begin to cook the shrimp, so avoid warmer temperatures. After a good rinse, dump the shrimp on towels and pat dry. Now you’re ready to follow your favorite recipe with the end result, super tender shrimp!