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(1) 20 oz. Tray Buffalo Shrimp Dip- [FROZEN]

CODE: Premium

Price: $27.99


Buffalo Shrimp Dip

Premium Buffalo Shrimp Dip {Get your Trading Post.}

Set out a spicy shrimp dip at your next get-together or even for your own personal appetizer. Rich and creamy with a savory saltiness, this dip makes any cracker special with the fiery pop of paprika and cayenne peppers. Tamed by the cream and blue cheese in the mix, the tastes complement each other for a delicacy from the sea. Supplying about 17 servings per container with 200 mg salt, 39 grams potassium, 2 grams protein, and 6 grams of fat per serving, Buffalo Shrimp Dip ranks as a top choice.