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Cold Water Lobster Tails- (Frozen)

Indulge yourself!

Drizzle and dress your lobster with Thermidor Butter! Complement cold-water lobster’s sweet rich taste with a robust creamy butter. Sing hallelujahs to the flavor!

Get your exquisite ingredients together.

3-4 oz. cold-water tails from Blue Crab Trading
200 ml dry Pinot Grigio
1 mild shallot, diced
Handful of aromatic tarragon
Handful fresh parsley
1 tsp. Golden Dijon mustard
1 tsp. Old Bay seafood seasoning
5 tbsp. smooth parmesan cheese
140 grams natural butter

Keep your cooking simple!

Boil, stir and simmer your wine, shallots, mustard and butter. While stirring, add tarragon, parsley, seasoning, and cheese. Turn temperature down and whisk until flavor combines to a rich sauce. Brush onto your lobster and choose your cooking method: baking, broiling or grilling. Be wise and set out your supplies! You know your guests will want more butter so keep ramekins handy and keep the remaining butter on low so you can quickly ladle more sauce for your appreciative fans. Bon Appetit!

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Our cold water lobster tails are perfect for special occasions, make wonderful gifts and taste great in your favorite seafood recipes. Our cold water tails are either a product of U.S.A or Canada. All items ship frozen.