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10% OFF ~ (8 oz. jar)- Spicy Stone Crab Sauce

Price: $7.99

What should you serve with a seasoned catch of steamed crabs?

  • Buttered Corn on the Cob.  Sprinkle Old Bay on the cob to add to the bay theme.
  • Fresh Coleslaw with Cottage Fries.  Deep-fry potatoes to a golden-brown and shred garden ripe vegetables for a cool slaw.
  • Pickled Cucumber Salad.  Sweet, cool cucumbers calm down the palate after a few hot bites of Old Bay!
  • Carrot Salad.  Load this healthy choice with raisins, cranberries and even cherries!
  • Tartar Dipping Sauce.  Mix mayonnaise, pickles, capers and lemon juice for a smooth dip for your salty-sweet crabs.
  • Remoulade Dipping Sauce.  Celebrate your crab feast with a French-style tartar. Anchovies and horseradish add a bit of sophistication to your feast.
  • Cocktail Sauce. Add a spicy pop to your shrimp with ketchup and horseradish, accompanied with a medley of Worcestershire, lemon juice, and Tabasco.
  • Spicy Stone Crab Sauce. A bit of cream and mayonnaise, infused with dry mustard and bay spices, stone crab sauce couples creamy smoothness with a subtle seasoning.