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$19 for $55 and $45 for $115 vouchers can be used on product only not towards shipping. Shipping costs depend on the product ordered and your zip code. Frozen product will have a cheaper shipping cost then fresh product in many cases. Shipping ranges from $27.99 and up depending on your location and how much product you order. Shipping on west coast orders could range from $55.99 and up. Please use our shipping estimator tool on the website to get an accurate shipping cost. Each order incurs a $9.99 packaging fee to cover the gel, packs, dry ice, foil bags, cooler and box. 

The 30 crab package includes shipping to the lower 48 states. (AK & HI Extra Fees)

Some delivery dates may not be available due to weather or other delays in shipping in your area. Some areas do not have a Saturday delivery available. 

Groupons can not be combined with other specials or coupons. 


* Please note any blue crab orders shipped 2 day shipping need to be consumed within 48 hours of receipt. Any 3 day shipping blue crab orders should be consumed within 24 of arrival.

*Live crabs may not be able to ship during excessively hot or cold days. Steamed crabs can be shipped year round. 



*Exact shipping costs depend on your zip code, desired delivery date, the quantity and type of product you want to order. All shipping costs can be obtained by simply adding the product you are interested in your cart and entering your zip code and delivery date.