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Combo 4 ~ East Meets West Coast ~ Jumbo Half Bushel Steamed USA Blue Crabs {6”-7”} [c. 2.5 dozen] *FRESH* & (2) lbs. West Coast Dungeness Clusters {about 4 clusters} *FROZEN*

CODE: 40124

Price: $339.00

  • Wild Caught 

Jimmy Half Bushels

Dungeness Cluster

What does a Dungeness Crab taste like?

This oval-shaped crab swims on the West Coast and primarily searches out sand spits similar to their claim to fame, the 5-mile spit adjoining the small village named Dungeness along Washington State’s Pacific shoreline. With the crab receiving the town’s name, much effort has gone into safeguarding this delicacy and the profound taste. Dungeness fans claim the body meat is more tender and slightly firmer to the cluster leg meat. Both win favor with a sweetness and a robust nuttiness that sets this taste apart from the blue crab that exhibits salty-sweetness with a buttery hint. Vary your crab feasts with this West Coast crustacean and celebrate that a 2-pound Dungeness yields ½ pound meat, while the blue crab takes 8 crabs. Talk about a size difference! Plus, Dungeness never tastes “fishy,” a marvel in seafood. Eat with ease, Dungeness Crabs receive a solid sustainable catching schedule to maintain population, environment health; and of course, a delicious crab every time!