Groupon Shipping Map

All orders carry a packaging fee of $12.95 for each shipping cooler used. We offer many economical shipping services such as 1, 2, 3 day ground services and 2 and 3 day air services. You must place your order the set number of business days in advance above to be eligible for discount shipping services.

These services range from $19.99 and up depening on size of package and location. Smaller packages would fall into the lower shipping range. Medium packages can average $29.99 and up, larger packages can average $49.99 an up. And some of our bigger package can average $69.99 and up. All shipping costs can be estimated on our website. These are approximate estimates and many variables can effect the final shipping cost.

***If you find that a shipping cost is higher than anticipated and you have followed the map above, please call our fully staffed customer service line toll free at 1-800-499-2722 to speak with one of our team members. We are happy to help you receive the best economic value for your voucher purchase.