Our Company

Blue Crab Trading Company is founded on the basic principle of providing the freshest possible crabs at a reasonable price. In an age when many "Old Time Maryland Traditions" go by the wayside, we strive every day not to forget our roots and traditions. We aim to provide displaced "East Coasters" with the time honored tradition of gathering together over a table of freshly steamed blue crabs. No matter where our customers have been or will travel, we always want to be able to remind them of home.

For our new customers who may have never had blue crabs we welcome you to the family, and will be here to help you with the entire process. Our staff has decades of experience catching the crabs and steaming them to perfection with just the right amount of spice.

Blue crab lovers, you will always have a place to call home at Blue Crab Trading Company. We promise to continue to catch crabs from our very own boats and size them according to the "old traditional" standards. We strive to supply you with the absolute best crabs Mother Nature allows each and every day.


All of us at Blue Crab Trading Company