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Crab Bibs

Crab Leg/ Claw Cracker


This tool is great for cracking crab legs and blue crab claws.

Oyster Knives


Oyster knives are an absolute must have tool for any oyster gathering.

  • 1 Knive 
Crab Mallets


  • Each 
Crab Knives


These durable knives are reusable and dishwasher safe. They are a helpful tool in getting the meat out of the Maryland Blue Crabs, as well as the crab legs.

  • 1 Knife 
Crab Paper


Dress up your table with this 3 ft x 8ft section of crab paper. Makes cleanup a breeze.

  • 3ft x 8 ft. 
Lobster and Crab Leg Tool


Red Lobster Cracker


This tool is great to crack lobster claws and crab legs .

Lobster Bibs

Butter Warmer
$19.99   $14.99

Thermacell- Backyard Mosquito and Fly Repellent Device
$27.99   $7.99

Tired of flies and mosquitoes ruining your back yard party? This device will keep these pests away and let you enjoy your get-together.

Clam Knives


Clam knives are a must have tool for any clam meal.

  • 1 Knive