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(1 lb.) Medium Florida Stone Crab Claws [FROZEN]

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Visit Florida with a delicious appetizer of Stone Crab Claws!

Crabbers follow strict guidelines to ensure we never run out of this delicacy.  They pull these crabs off the Florida shores and size the claws to make sure they measure at least 2 ¾”.  This eye on sustainability doesn’t stop there!  Female crabs are thrown back into the salty waters so they can keep the population strong.  With precision, the watermen remove the claws while scoring them and throw the male crabs back into the water too.  Unbelievably, these crabs quickly grow back their claws!  Finally, the crew boil the claws for 8 minutes while at sea or at the dock. 

Why such a precise process in catching these Florida crabs? 

  • These claws taste amazing!  T
  • The flaky white meat, boasting a salty-sweet taste makes for a perfect appetizer served cold and dipped in your choice sauce. 
  • Possibly, try mustard lime sauce. 
  • Some chefs, crack and pick the meat to add to salads or pastas.  Enjoy the best from Florida!

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