MD Soft Crabs

Blue Crab Trading Soft-Shell Crabs:

Harvesting Soft Shell Crabs for over twenty years, our crew guarantees a fully molted, cleaned and dressed crab for your culinary needs.

To ensure our soft crabs arrive in the best possible condition, we briefly flash freeze them.

Recommended Methods of Cooking:

Sautéing, deep frying or pan frying. Consider making your own version of the exquisite soft-shell crab sandwich.

Choosing the Correct Size

Our team approximates the soft crabs' sizes with a .5 to 1-inch deviation in some cases. 
Cleaning the crab may decrease the size appearance, but once stretched point-to-point, the crustacean reaches its category.

Special Note

Soft-Shells can naturally lose legs in the wild, along in the flash freezing process that ensures safe shipping. If the legs break off during shipping, simply cook and serve the legs with the soft-shell crab. 

Blue Crab Trading takes pride in our product and strives for satisfaction.  Please note, however, that our team doesn't refund money for shrinkage due to cleaning or lost legs from processing.  Lastly, follow us on Facebook for recipes and blogs for preparing your unique product.