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Poplar Island Crabs & Lobster Dinner for Two ~ Dozen Jimmy Steamed Male Blue Crabs {5.5"-6.5"} & 2 (1-1.2 lb.) Maine Lobsters {Flash-Frozen} Get Cozy!

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The “Do’s & Don’ts” of Frozen Lobster
Preparation makes the precooked and flash frozen lobster as fresh as steaming by the dock. First, while perusing the freezer case, make sure the temperature reads 0 ºF or 18 ºC. A thawed lobster and then refrozen runs the risk of dangerous bacteria and loss of texture and taste. Blanching is key. Make sure you follow the genuine Maine Fishermen who know to steam and then flash freeze the catch, blanching. This process sets the stage for a perfect cooked whole lobster when that special, spontaneous event happens. Second, the lobster should be stored in a vac-sealed, airtight bag. In fact, in such an ideal state, frozen lobster will last 1 year in the freezer. Yes, with this care, you can guarantee white, sweet meat that boasts a tenderness prized for a northern, cold water catch.
Thawing for the event requires at least an overnight trip to the refrigerator, or ideally 24 hours. Avoid thawing at room temperature since harmful bacteria will grow. You ensured a fresh catch to this point, make sure you follow through to the perfect cook. By the way, if you take a frozen lobster to the steamer, the meat will cook tough. Always thaw. Lobster enthusiasts suggest floating the lobster bag in a tub of cool water, which cuts down on the thawing time. Then choose your cooking technique. Health fanatics claim steaming as the best choice, but you can also boil, grill, or even broil the lobster. For steaming, take a large stock pot and fill it ½” on the bottom with water and add a tsp. salt and tsp. vinegar. The salt gives the meat a sweetness, ironically, and the vinegar keeps the meat from sticking to the shell. Place the lobsters on a grate above the water and steam for 10 minutes per pound. Swiftly remove and serve with hot clarified butter. With your lobster savvy, you’ll serve lobster like a chef!