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Maryland Blue Crabs by the Bushel Male (Small/Medium MIX )(5 to 5.5 inches) (Approximately 6-7 Dozen) (4) Crab Mallets

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Even the Native Americans enjoyed the Blues!

Crabby Facts

Early Native Americans picked Blue Crabs too!  The Powhatan, Nanticoke, and Piscataway tribes enjoyed the plentiful crab supply in the largest estuary in America, the Chesapeake Bay.  In fact, scientists claim hundreds of millions of meaty crustaceans fill the bay.  The Indians mixed their diet.  Sometimes, they ate a crab and slurped an oyster.  The Bay offers many options and so do the cooking choices.  Possibly, you may want to continue using the grill and get your hands-on live crabs.  Maybe, you like stirring up some tasty soup in your galley kitchen.  The most popular choice remains steaming, however.  Find a large stockpot and mix water, beer and vinegar on the bottom and get a grate to set the spiced Blues.  You may want to use JO spice #2 since that brand brings out the best pop to the taste.  Allow them to steam for 20-30 minutes and you have amazing crabs, hon!  News break!  Good news.  We’ll save you the time and steam the crabs for you.  Take a gander at our online store for your choices from Bays to Jumbos!