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Maryland Blue Crabs by the Bushel Male (Large/Extra Large Mix)(6 to 7 inches) (Approximately 5 Dozen)-(5) mallets

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Enjoy the Year of the Jumbo!

Jumbo crabs (6”-7”) won at the game of feasting & foraging bay waters. They truly are FAT CRABS! Predators, turtles, snakes, etc. attempted to capture “The Beautiful Swimmer that is savory,” but with no success. Blue crabs swim sideways with impressive speeds escaping those dangers. In fact, they even “drop” or lose their claws to allude their hungry foes. Speaking of hunger, jumbo crabs enjoyed clams, snails, plants, fish, eel grass, and other bay sustenance to grow to their impressive sizes. The Blue Crab Trading crew pot “rusty crabs” for your order. This means the shell looks ancient and the crab fully grew into the shell, a FATTY. With this body weight, the crab boasts huge pieces of jumbo lump meat, known for a pristine white color and “chicken breast-like” texture. The taste wins favor worldwide. Salty-sweet with a slight buttery flavor. Celebrate the “Year of the Jumbo” with a dozen, half, and full bushel of fatties!