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Wye River Price Slash ~ Bay Half Bushel Maryland Blue Crabs (5"-6") (Approximately 4 Dozen)

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Calling all Crab Lovers to the Yard!

Blue Crab Trading takes the mystery out of Half Bushel Sizes. Scrolling through our crab docks, you may wonder, “What’s the difference between crab sizes? Does it really matter? Blue Crabs work hard at foraging through bay waters for the best nourishment. Be assured, it makes a difference!
Sometimes you need a Half Bushel Guide!
There is no wrong half bushel, but our crew point out a few differences. Both the Female and Bay categories carry the small crab from 5”-5.5”, but the Female’s selection includes whoppers measuring up to 7”! Bays stretch to 6”. With Bays including almost 4 dozen crabs, but with less meat, we suggest serving them with a grilled burger or other costars to make it a well-rounded cookout. Yes, Bays have jumbo, lump, and claw meat, but in less quantities. Females, on the other hand, include some rather large crabs and smaller ones. This selection pleases both young and mature feaster. You can headline your meal with a Female Half Bushel. Keep in mind though, each person picks between 6-8 crabs. Bay crabs may go up to 10 crabs depending on your sides.
Jumbos and Jimmies steal the show! Jimmies receive the title #1 Crab, while the JUMBOS wear the title, “Biggest, Baddest Blue in the Bay!” Jimmies impress with sizes from 5.5”-6.5” point-to-point and also stir our crab house with excitement. We coin them “The People’s Favorite.” Jumbo lovers, however, mean business. They can’t believe the crabs smashing the scale with sizes from 6”-7”. Entrée your order. That’s what happens when you pick up a jumbo, bursting with loads of meat!
No matter which size you serve at your next crab feast, know that you have entered into the Chesapeake Bay Zone. The Best Maryland Blue Crabs this side of Kent Island!