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Crab Price Slash ~ Jimmy •Half Bushel• Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs {5.5”-6.5”} [c. 3 dozen]

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Mother Nature supplies the crabs. We know how to steam them!

Here’s some tips on steaming live crabs.  Gather your ingredients.  Large steamer pot, live crabs, 1 ½ cup water, 1 ½ cup hoppy beer, ¼ cup Sea Salt, 3 tbsp. JO Spice #2.  Bring all liquids to a boil and then add one layer of crabs (shocked in ice) and season with the traditional spice used in Baltimore crab houses, JO. Then add just one more second layer. By the way, Blue Crabs require the most steaming time of all the crab species, so allow 20-30 minutes. A two-layer max will ensure a thorough cooking.  Shells should turn a bright red and your hungry fans will look on in anticipation.  Let cool briefly and enjoy your “Stay-at-Home crab feast!