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Christmas Feast ~ JUMBOS ~ Half Bushel Maryland Blue Crabs (Extra/Large Mix 6-7 inches) (Approximately 2.5 Dozen) -(4) Mallets

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Feast on some buttery, pristine jumbo meat

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Keep the Blue Crabs Comfortable & They’ll Grow to Jumbos!

Water temperatures make for an ideal start in keeping the blue crabs stealthy and ready to grow in and out of shells in a rapid rate. The mature, jimmies and jumbos take about 30-50 days to feel the urge to shed or molt into a larger “home.” While bays and “baby” crabs waste no time in striving for larger shells, shedding 4 to 5 times a month. The ideal water temperature of 72° keeps the crab comfortable and ready to grow. Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico consistently stay at this comfortable reading, thus a jumbo-sized crab’s heyday. In fact, a southern blue crab grows to maturity, or the jimmy status in 12 months, while Chesapeake Bay Crabs take 18 months. For this reason, Louisiana has surpassed the Chesapeake Bay in blue crab catches. Crisfield, Maryland still holds the title Blue Crab Capital of America, but the Gulf of Mexico holds a larger supply of jumbos! 

Mother Nature runs the show with the Blue Crab’s comfort, other than preventable pollutions. Predators, especially in healthy waters cause the crabs to lose a claw. Yes, bay creatures try to grab a claw too! When the ecosystem is strong with beautiful growing conditions, all bay life blossoms. Watch out blue crab! Striped bass, Atlantic croaker, and red drum fish actively search out the young crabs. Even from the sky, blue herons swoop down for a “beautiful savory swimmer.” Sea turtles may take their time, but they too enjoy munching on some crab meat. If and when they overcome these odds, the ideal growing conditions accelerates the blue crab’s fight to achieve jumbo status, and when you catch one celebrate a true winner! 

Crack a Crab Christmas Eve!