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Triple Play ~ (3) Dozen Steamed Small Male Hard Shell Maryland Blue Crabs (5-5.5 inches)

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What’s the best way to pick crabs?

If you grew up gathering around the picnic table for a crab feast, you may already have your crab-picking skills.  This tutorial is for those first-timers who look at the crab and think, “NO WAY!  Where’s my crab cake!”  Believe me, once you get the strategies for picking, you’ll prefer the freshest meat, instantly picked from the crab and dipped in hot butter.  Now, that’s delicious!  Follow these steps to join the crab-picker’s club.

Step 1- Place the crab upside down, belly-up on the table.  Locate the “tab” at the top of either a monument looking apron (male) or bell (female) and insert your knife to pry it up. Don’t break the tab off the crab but lift it to separate the shell from the body a bit.

Step 2- Pry off the top shell.

Step 3- With the same knife scrape away the feathery lungs (gills).  Keep the mustard looking “stuff” in the crab for a tangy flavoring (basically, crab fat).

Step 4- Crack the crab in half.  Pick out the meat, especially the jumbo chunks around the back-swimming legs. Delicious!

Step 5- Twist off the pinching claws and tap with a hammer.  Don’t smash the claw.  You don’t want the claw meat mixed with shattered shell.  Use your seafood fork to dig-out the meat.

Step 6- Snap each leg and break them in half.  Suck out the meat.

Step 7- Grab another crab and repeat.  Keep repeating until you’re an expert. (Always consider yourself in training so you can keep trying!)