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2 lbs. *New* Tiger Gambas ~ Freshly Frozen Prawn {$39.95/lb.} from Myanmar


Price: $78.95


Tiger Gambas

Tiger Prawns, a Huge Marine Shrimp {Get your Trading Post}

Living an average 3-year lifespan and growing into an impressive 13 inches and quarter pound, Tiger Gambas or Prawn cooks to a bold, sweet taste and a “snappy” firm textured meat. The density lends itself to either grilling or pan frying with impressive results. In a skillet, coat the bottom generously with olive oil and cook at medium high heat for between 5-8 minutes. If you choose grilling, extend the time to 10 minutes, and consider brushing barbecue on the prawn. In both cases, flip the shrimp to arrive at an evenly cooked result.

Fished off the coast of Myanmar, this Asiatic prawn offers 20 grams of protein per a 3.5 oz. serving. Low in fat, but with beneficial calcium amounts, this seafood adds a healthy choice to the menu.