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FRESH-(1) Gallon)- Approximately 8 lbs- 10 Or Less Scallops Per Pound On Average- U.S Scallops (-100% Product of U.S.A)


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Blue Crab Trading fills their market with shiny & creamy white scallops.

These North Atlantic scallops boast plump texture, and many show an orange or pink tint that signifies a healthy and nutritious harvest. The taste causes long lines at our market, however.  Buttery sweet with delicate plump meat, scallops receive the accolade, “candy of the sea.”   

What makes the scallop unique?  This delicacy consists of the adductor muscle of a mollusk that opens and closes the shell and allows the scallop to swim through the cold ocean waters.  This exercise develops low fat meat with large amounts of protein, 20 grams per a 3 oz. serving. 

Cooking options abound, but many diners enjoy scallops sautéed in butter.  The creamy butter enhances the scallop’s natural buttery pop. Sprinkle Old Bay on each scallop lightly to add a zesty sophisticated flare to your delicacy!  Cook with an eye on the timer, however, since overcooked scallops become rubbery and lose the buttery taste.  Let a scallop entrée or salad transform your regular cuisine to exquisite bites! Watch our video of fresh Nantucket scallops.