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(2 lb. bag) Cooked Prince Edward Island Mussels-[Frozen](Product of Canada)


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Prince Edward Island Mussels receive accolades for the sweeter, plumper and unbelievably tender meat!

These mussels grow in a rope-cultured environment, allowing water flow and currents to keep these “filtration” molluscs clean and fresh.  Grit and dirt wash away from the mussels as they grow quickly on the rope at the famous Prince Edward Island mussel farm off Canada’s Northern Atlantic Coast.  With larger mussels, a typical pound contains about 20-25, which enhance recipes and taste!  Mussels grow ideally in freshwater lakes, streams and creeks.  PEI borders a salty inter-tidal zone where the ocean meets the shore.  This slightly saltier splash adds a sweet brininess to the “mushroom-like” texture to the PEI Mussel.  Celebrate the best choice mussel since this Canadian Island uses sustainability practices and high-quality control standards!

Mussel Stats.

  • A 3 oz. serving offers 20 grams of protein and high amounts of Vitamin C and Iron with about 146 calories.
  • Your perfect choice from Blue Crab Trading includes precooked mussels with a flash-freezing.  Simply steam for 3-4 minutes in a covered saucepan at medium/high setting.  Smother with garlic butter and extra virgin olive oil for a sophisticated taste.  Turn heat back to low and let the mussels simmer for a few more minutes.  Quickly plate and enjoy!

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