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Super Blue Crabs (7+ inches) by the Dozen (2) Mallets (2) Knives (2) Bibs


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Searching for the ultimate crab-eating experience that requires less cracking and nibbling?

Try gorging on jumbo pieces of sweet, delicate, white super crabmeat. Our behemoth Blue Crab will satisfy this urge.  This much sought-after crustacean, swimming in brackish Bay waters and gorging on clams, mussels, snails, plants and small fish offers the “Best of the Bay.” These crabs measure 7 plus inches point-to-point!  Our crew steams & seasons them to your expectations and includes extra traditional Chesapeake Bay spices and utensils within your order. Customers frequently attest, “The supers impress my guests and one crab satisfies, but why stop at one super!” Click here if you want to know how we package your food delicacies.