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[STEAMED] 1/2 Bushel Male Maryland Hard Shell Blue Crabs

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  • Overnight 1 Day Shipping Orders-2-5 Day Orders Will Ship With Dry Ice and May Partially Or Entirely Freeze Product. 
  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 

Blue Crabs give cheer all year!

Even during the colder months our boats pot heavy crabs for your winter feasts. Motoring through the Chesapeake Bay, tidal water region, and other USA estuaries, our crew chart water currents and crab movement for the best blue crabs. Right after pulling lively crabs from the bay, we begin sizing them into four major categories.  Bay (small 5”-5.5” & medium 5.5”-6”), Jimmy (medium 5.5”-6” & large 6”-6.5”), and Jumbo (large 6”-6.5” & extra-large 6.5”-7”). We also bushel Females from 5”-7”.  Our crew today organized half bushels for a prefect amount for your feast.  Look into the baskets.  Don’t be scared!  This a virtual tour! 

Savor a steamed blue crab & fill your body up with strength!

Crack a claw and pull the darker crab meat for a robust crab flavor that keeps its taste in the spiciest sauce. Pinkish brown in color with a shredded texture, claw meat headlines many soups, jambalayas, and even entrees. You may want to simmer a Maryland-style crab chowder with the shredded texture.  But did you know… blue crab meat boasts a protein to calorie ratio better than snow, king and dungeness meat? Pick with your seafood fork mounds of lump.  Try our homemade dipping sauce with crushed tomatoes and apple balsamic to feel the cool bay breeze! Some of you may want to follow a holiday Maryland crab cake recipe and hand-pack some lump-filled beauties. But did you know…  No need to worry about too many carbohydrates with this delicious cuisine.  Crabs contain 0% carbohydrates! Eat more crabs! Give your body some strong heart friendly benefits.  Finally, find the jumbo pieces behind the back-swimming legs.  Sprinkle Old Bay on these pristine, huge crab pieces and enjoy the peppery pop! Create a rich dish this holiday. Try Virginia Crab Imperial, combined with sherried white sauce and spoon it in a blue crab shell. The spicy creamy sauce complements the succulent crab chunks majestically! Yes, it tastes amazing, but did you know…. crab meat contains high levels of riboflavin.  This vitamin supplies major strength and energy so you can grab another blue crab!

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